What Are Some Poems About Sisterhood?


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Poems about sisterhood include Christina Rossetti's "Noble Sisters," Lucille Clifton's "Sisters" and Emily Dickinson's "One Sister Have I in Our House." Rossetti's poem focuses on two sisters with different moral compasses, one sister questioning the other's decisions. Clifton's poem examines similarities between sisters, listing the ways in which two sisters share the same fears and experiences. Dickinson's poem argues that sisters aren't always blood relations and suggests that dear friends count as sisters, even if raised in separate households.

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Christina Rossetti, who lived in 19th century England, wrote a number of poems that address sisterhood, including "Sister Maud" and "Goblin Market." Rossetti's depictions of sisterhood are mixed, sometimes suggesting that sisters are capable of sustaining close-knit relationships even under adverse conditions, and sometimes suggesting that sisterly relationships are easily torn apart by the presence of men.

Emily Dickinson also lived and worked in the 19th century, although she was American and had no connection with Rossetti.

Lucille Clifton is a more recent poet who lived from 1936 to 2010. While Clifton's work does not focus on sisters exclusively, much of her poems do center upon family relationships, including her own experiences raising six children. Clifton's poems also examine mother-daughter relationships, women's issues of identity and family tragedies such as child abuse or serious illness.

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