What Are Some Poems About Sharing for Kids?

One prominent work of children's poetry that features themes of sharing is Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," which depicts the eponymous tree's selfless nature towards a young boy. Another piece, Elizabeth Quinn's "Give Love to the Children," communicates values of sharing love with youth.

Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" reminisces upon the relationship between a tree and a child as narrated from the tree's perspective. As the boy grows older, the tree gives to him as much as she can of herself until she is reduced to the state of a wooden stump. She is, however, content by the end of the poem as the child remains her companion even after he passes into adulthood.

By contrast, Quinn's "Give Love to the Children" is an appeal to her audience to guide children through sharing their love while they are still young, as she suggests that they remain innocent in their fleeting youth. Her poem might be compared to "The Giving Tree" in regard to the Tree's devotion and unconditional love shared with the young boy in Silverstein's, as the Tree retains a relationship with the boy throughout his life after sharing all she has to offer him while he is still a child.