What Are Some Poems About the Road Less Traveled?


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Two poems about the road less traveled are Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and Kit McCallum's "The Road Less Traveled." Both poems speak of standing at a place where a decision must be made as to which way to go and of the difficulty accompanying such a decision.

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Frost's poem begins where "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood." The speaker examines the roads closely and with some regret that he is unable to try both routes. He sees that one of the otherwise similar roads is more worn from travel and decides to "take the road less traveled by." He understands the impact his choice is likely to make in his life.

McCallum's poem is longer but documents the same struggle. His poem has a slightly different twist in that he speaks of having the choice between a road already taken and, therefore, more comfortable, and one never taken. The decision lies with the traveler and is based on his life experiences. He says, "For it is only through personal reflection, / That we can now choose our destiny."

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