What Are Some Poems About Pastor's Wives?


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There are many poems dedicated to the pastor's wife, including "The Pastor's Wife." Two other poems about the pastor's wife are "The Preacher's Wife" by T. R. Buzzard and "Life, as Viewed from the GoldFish Bowl" by Beverly Novaskoski, as stated by Pastor Gifts.

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Most of the poems about the pastor's wife depicts her as someone working in the shadow of the pastor while maintaining a picture of perfection. She is also noted for her selfless service, as expressed by My-Pastor.

In the poem "The Preacher's Wife," T. R. Buzzard credits the pastor's wife for the success the pastor enjoys. The persona also makes the point that the pastor's wife's contribution is largely unknown; however, she is the one that motivates the pastor whenever he is discouraged. She is his 'lieutenant' in all the challenges he overcomes, as recorded by Pastor Gifts.

Beverly Novaskoski, in "Life, as Viewed from the GoldFish Bowl," characterizes the pastor's wife as 'mythical'. The pastor's wife is depicted in this poem as an astute housekeeper, an exceptional parent, an adept bible scholar and an engaging host. Evidently, this is why being a pastor's wife is one of the most taxing roles performed by females, as claimed by Pastor Gifts.

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