What Are Some Poems About Neighbors?

What Are Some Poems About Neighbors?

Some poems about neighbors are "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost and "My Neighbors and Friends" by Ellen Bailey. Another poem that talks about a neighbor bringing in the fall harvest is "Neighbors in October" by David Baker.

In "Mending Wall," Frost talks from the perspective of a man with a neighbor. A wall separates the man's land from his neighbors' land, and the wall has some gaps. The man meets his neighbor to walk along the wall and repair the wall's gaps.

The man's neighbor tells him that "Good fences make good neighbors." The man questions the statement and wonders if the wall keeps people in or keeps them out. Even though the man cannot find a reason that fences improve neighborly interactions, the neighbor repeats the sentiment that fences improve relationships between neighbors.

In "My Neighbors and Friends," Bailey writes that her neighbors help her when she has needs and she treasures her neighbors for their kindness. The neighbors interact with each other as they talk and borrow and lend items among the group. The group laughs and sings as neighbors experience good things. Bailey writes that without these friends her life is lonely. She says that she cherishes her neighbors and appreciates the love and kindness that her neighbors provide.

"Neighbors in October" talks about a person watching his neighbor pull hay in a flat-bed wagon. Other neighbors prepare shoes for fall sports or secure windows for the upcoming winter. The leaves are off the trees, Baker writes. The neighbors stand in groups, preparing for the cold weather soon to come.