What Are Some Poems About a Mother Passing?


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Poems about a mother's passing include "The Watcher" by Margaret Widdemer and "I Never Saw Your Wings" by Michele (last name unknown), according to TheFuneralSite.com. Other poems include, "Farewell, Dear Mother" by Ruth Ann Mahaffey and "A Mother's Message from Heaven" by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis, according to Your Tribute.

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Margaret Widdemer's "The Watcher," which is told from a grieving child's perspective, is about a mother watching for her children in life, anxiously waiting for them if they are late, and then watching over them in heaven, anxiously waiting for them to join her when the time is right. The speaker in Michele's "I Never Saw your Wings" describes a mother who was an angel in life, and is now an angel in death.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey's "Farewell Dear Mother" expresses thanks to all that the mother did for the speaker while she was alive and says goodbye to her, with an understanding that she is now an angel watching over the speaker.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis' "A Mother's Message from heaven" is written from the deceased mother's point of view, reassuring the children she has left behind that she will always love them and be with them, watching over them from above.

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