What Are Some Poems About Losing a Sister?


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On the website FamilyFriendPoems.com, the three highest user-rated poems about losing a sister are "The Beach in the Sky" by Jackie Bush Holcomb, "Missing My Sister and Best Friend" by Belinda Stotler and "If Only You Could of Stayed" by Catherine Lamberton. "Missing My Sister and Best Friend" also has the most votes, has the most shared stories and is the most emailed by users.

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FamilyFriendPoems also has poems that provide comfort to those who have lost a sister due to specific causes. "Life Beginning" by James Harmon is for those who have lost a sister to Hodgkin's Disease, and "Without You" by Vb speaks to those who have lost a sister due to depression.

A few poems on the website deal with special family circumstances. "You're Not Here" by Alyson Drummond speaks to those who have lost a younger sister, "R.I.P. Sarah" by Katie Evers is for someone who has lost a twin sister and "Little Megan Went to Heaven" by Natasha Swart deals with the loss of a teen sister.

Although these poems deal specifically with the death of a sister, there are other categories of poems on the website that may be helpful to those dealing with this loss, such as "Mourning Poems," "In Memory Poems" and "Death Moving On Poems."

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