What Are Some Poems About Losing a Dog?


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Some poems about losing a dog include "The Power of the Dog," "Your Dog Dies," "A Dog Has Died" and "My Dog." Though they are all about the loss of a dog, their perspectives and reaction to the subject differ.

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What Are Some Poems About Losing a Dog?
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"The Power of the Dog" by Rudyard Kipling praises a dog's virtues while noting the devastating and inevitable impact of losing it to death. Balancing emotion and reason, it acknowledges the power of the dog's bond with its master while asking why a person should "give your heart for the dog to tear."

"Your Dog Dies" by Raymond Carver is ostensibly about losing his dog to an accident and the sense of sadness mingled with detachment that follows. Using the event of losing his dog, the poet also examines how tragedy is used to fuel writing and the uneasy juxtaposition of writing about his dog's death with the other demands of real life.

"A Dog Has Died" by Pablo Neruda contemplates the passing of a dog while musing about mortality. Describing his loving and respectful relationship with his dog, the speaker details his dog's character while stating his belief there is no afterlife and that "he's gone...that's all there is to it."

"My Dog" by Robert William Service grieves the loss of a dog while celebrating the relationship. The speaker first speaks of how intimacy developed between himself and the dog, saying, "He shared my solitude." He then mourns the loss of his dog to death while being thankful he has at least "given / One dog a happy life."

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