What Are Some Poems About Jesus for Children?


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Poems about Jesus that are intended or appropriate for children include "Good Enough," "Pray Today" and "Footprints." Poems and songs can be effective ways to teach the gospel to children of all ages.

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The poem "Good Enough," by Belinda van Rensburgs teaches a simple message that it's okay for a child just to be himself, for in God's eyes, that child is perfect. The poem also refers to Jesus and the strength each person can claim through knowing him when it says, "Though I am still young and small / In Jesus Christ I'm strong and tall."

A powerful poem that effectively communicates the power of prayer is "Pray Today," by Roger W. Hancock. This poem, which is only six lines long, reminds children that even when they are performing the most mundane of tasks, they should keep God and the teachings of Jesus close to their hearts because they do not really know what tragedies might befall them or their neighbors.

The well-known "Footprints" poem is appropriate to adults and children alike, thanks to its message that Jesus is always present, even during times when it seems he is absent. "Footprints" is an example of just how much faith in Jesus can help when the times seem most difficult.

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