What Are Some Poems About Grandmothers?


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Some poems about grandmothers include "Sestina" by Elizabeth Bishop and "45 Mercy Street" by Anne Sexton. Other poems about grandmothers include "The Idea of Ancestry" by Etheridge Knight and the Mother Goose poem "Ride Away, Ride Away."

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Elizabeth Bishop's poem "Sestina" is about a child and her grandmother reading and talking together during a rainy day. Their talk ends as the grandmother starts preparing the child a snack, but the room is still noisy due to various sounds around the house. The poem uses personification such as "the iron kettle sings" as well as similes and metaphors.

Another poem about a grandmother is "Grandma's Wings" by Ricky R. Hernandez. In the poem, the speaker wonders where his grandmother keeps her wings and asserts that she must have wings because she is an angel. The poem uses a rhyming scheme.

"Butterfly Laughter" by Katherine Mansfield tells of a grandmother and her grandchild eating porridge together. They race each other to see who can finish eating first and reach the butterfly design on the bottom of the bowl. The grandmother jokes that they should not eat the butterfly, and the two laugh. The child thinks to herself that the butterfly is going to come to life and land on the grandmother's lap.

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