What Are Some Poems About Girls' Soccer?


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Some poems about girls' soccer include "Soccer Girl" by Marilyn Lott and "Being a Soccer Girl." Other soccer-themed poems are "The Beautiful Game," "The Victory Dance" and "The Game of Soccer."

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The poem "Soccer Girl" talks about a soccer player who tries her very best to play well and contribute to her team's effort. The female soccer player has a pony tail that the author likens to the ball flying through the air. The author explains that the soccer player knows the rules well because it's important to know the rules in order to play well. The writer urges readers to go watch the exciting soccer game so that they see a young woman who could be a beauty queen but who chooses instead to play soccer.

"Being a Soccer Girl" talks about how the roar of an excited crowd gives the soccer player extra energy and adrenaline for playing the game. The poem speaks from the perspective of a forward-playing attacker on the field who is about to take on the goalie and try to score a point. The writer talks about how all the hours of practice prepared her for the critical moment because she does not have time to think and instead must rely on her preparation. Although the speaker worries about the outcome of the critical moment, she channels her nerves and anxiety into her shot at the goal. The speaker says that the excitement and adrenaline that she used to kick the shot is the same excitement and adrenaline she felt when her team won the soccer game.

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