What Are Some Poems About Fruits and Vegetables?

poems-fruits-vegetables Credit: Maximilian Stock Ltd./Photolibrary/Getty Images

Some poems about fruits and vegetables include: "Fruits and Vegetables" by Geneen Myers, "To a Field of Celery" by Alfred Hitch and "Peaches" by Hattie Howard. "Fruits and Vegetables" talks about various fruits and vegetables, "To a Field of Celery" describes a personal relationship with vegetables and "Peaches" describes how delicious and enticing peaches are.

Some additional poems about fruit include: "The Smell of Grapes" by Hattie Howard, "The Winter Pear" by William Allingham, "The Fig Tree" by John Bannister Tab, "Peach Blossoms" by Carl Sandburg, "With Strawberries" by William Ernest Henly, "To Blossoms" by Robert Herrick, "Tutti Fruiti" by William Theodore Peters, "Cherry Time" by Robert Graves, "How to Eat Watermelons" by Frank Libby Stanton and "Apples and Water" by Robert Graves.

Some other poems about vegetables include "Ode to the Tomato" by William Bingham Tappan, "The Onion" by Allen Upward, "The Salad" by Virgil, "The Vegetable Girl" by Wurt Taylor and "Onion Tart" by Eugene Field.

There are also funny rhyming vegetable poems, such as "Panic in the Vegetable Garden" by Elton Camp, and "A Vegetable Matter" by Lindsay Laurie. There are also funny rhyming poems about vegetables for kids, such as "Funny Cucumber", "Funny Tomatoes" and "Funny Cabbage".