What Are Some Poems by Filipino Writers?

Poems by Filipino poets include "Half an Hour in the House of Indecision or Procrastination" by Conchitina Cruz, "For Maria Kodama’s Other Borges" by Marjorie Evasco and "There was the Climate" by Francisco Guevara. These modern Filipino poets write in English, though their work is not especially well-known in the United States.

Cordite Poetry Review states that Conchitina Cruz's poetry demonstrates her fascination with the documentation and cataloguing of life's various ephemera. A formally experimental poet, Cruz's work takes the form of lists, catalogues, timelines, alphabets and dictionaries. For example, "Half an Hour in the House of Indecision or Procrastination" takes the form of an alphabetized list, with some entries, such as "ants," "blinds" and "conundrum," corresponding to more abstract descriptions related to the titles.

Marjorie Evasco's work focuses on the relationship between what is spoken and what is silent. A bilingual poet, Evasco writes both in English and in Cebuano, her native tongue from the Philippines. Evasco's poem "For Maria Kodama’s Other Borges" is an allusive piece filled with references to literature, including Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges and the Greek myth of Orpheus.

Francisco Guevara explores the revolutionary capacity of poetry, both in terms of language and social upheaval. His work also examines how language often undermines itself. "There was the Climate" is a formally fragmented poem with lines that frequently seem to interrupt one another.