What Do Poems on Death Include?


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Poems on death include dark imagery, personification and metaphor. Authors of death-related poems often write about themselves after they are dead and personify death as a tangible person or object. Some authors even compare death to life in their writings.

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Most poems related to death include devices such as hyperbole, dark imagery and personification. Authors usually cast death as a person to better convey their message on death. Some authors use repetition of words to emphasize the totalitarian grip that death may have in their lives. Other authors resort to using rhyming schemes to create a flow when readers read their writing.

Authors that have experienced loss may convey death as a being that stole their loved ones away from them, writing about how they might miss their family members or friends. Poems on the subject of death are known for containing dark imagery such as gloomy settings and death related objects. Readers may also notice that poems on death are sometimes also messages for family members or friends for when the author passes away.

Poems on death are frequently written with death posing as a villain and the author or other people as victims. Many poets refer to death as the devil, Grim Reaper or a darkness.

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