What Are Some Poems for Dammit Dolls?


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A general Dammit Doll poem about life's problems begins, "Whenever things don't go so well, / And you want to hit the wall and yell, / Here's a little Dammit Doll, / That you can't do without." There are more specific Dammit Doll poems that address frustrating problems such as heavy traffic, broken computers or a bad day fishing. Poems usually begin with the words "when" or "whenever" and end with the phrase "damn it!"

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A poem on a Dammit Doll for sports fans focuses on upsetting sporting events: "When the calls aren't made well / and the referee is crooked for sure, / or you want to hit someone and yell / when a player misses an easy score." A fishing Dammit Doll pokes fun at the frustrations of fishermen over how hard it can be to catch fish. The poem reads, "When you know that they're there, / but the fish just won't bite, / throw your rod down / and grab this with all your might." A poem about broken computers begins, "When the keyboard can't / spell worth a dern / and funny things happen / when you hit return." Each Dammit Doll poem ends by advising the frustrated person to slam his doll against a wall or another hard object.

Dammit Dolls that are made by the company of the same name come with standard poems. A special edition doll with a poem focused on dealing with cancer is marketed as a way to cheer up patients. Its poem begins, "Cancer / You can't get me down, / I won't let you do it. / I am a survivor / and I won't let you win it." These dolls come in bright colors with the poem stitched to the front of the doll.

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