What Are Some Poems About Blessing a House?


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"New House Blessing," "May The Lord Bless This House" and "Lord Come Bless This House" are some poems about blessing a house from PrayerScapes. "Bless This House" from Scrapbook.com and "Short Home Blessing Prayer" from Living Prayers are also appropriate poems about blessing a house.

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"New House Blessing" is a suitable poem for a housewarming card or message. It talks about new beginnings, filling the home with love and joy and making the house a place to rest and feel safe. "May The Lord Bless This House" asks for blessings to make the house brim with warmth and contentment for family and friends. It seeks that the house overflow with hospitality and be a safe haven night and day.

The poem "Lord Come Bless This House" from PrayerScapes explains how a house is more than just furnishings and seeks a home filled with peace and goodness. It asks for a house overflowing with love and blessings for a place to hope and dream. "Bless This House" by Grandma Joyce seeks peace and safety and asks for blessings to keep trouble out.

"Short Home Blessing Prayer" from Living Prayers welcomes the lord into the house and seeks everlasting peace and abundant joy. The poem asks for all who live in the house to experience the eternal love of the lord.

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