What Are Some Poems About the Birth of Jesus?


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Some poems about the birth of Jesus are Eleanor Farjeon's "Now Every Child," Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "The Holy Night" and John Donne's "Nativity." While "Now Every Child" and "The Holy Night" are more celebratory in tone, "Nativity" has a more somber perspective on the birth of Jesus.

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Eleanor Farjeon was a children's author from the United Kingdom after whom the Farjeon Award for excellence in children's literature is named. Accordingly, Farjeon's poem "Now Every Child" describing the night of Jesus' birth is written in simple language for an intended audience of children. In a celebratory tone, each stanza repeats "Sing sweet as the flute / Sing clear as the horn," emphasizing the intimate implications of Jesus' birth by repeating "Our brother is born."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a devout 19th century Christian, learning Hebrew and Greek to understand the Bible in its original language. "The Holy Night" is one of her many Christian-themed works. "The Holy Night" describes the night of Jesus' birth, focusing on the scene in the manger. Listing "simple shepherds," the "magi of the East" and "all earthlies and celestials," Browning emphasizes the significance of Jesus' birth by detailing all those in attendance.

John Donne was a 16th century metaphysical poet who came of age during a period of theological unrest, eventually becoming the dean of Saint Paul's Cathedral in England. Accordingly, much of his work involves religious themes, and "Nativity" is one such example. In "Nativity," Donne examines the birth of Jesus by contemplating its difficult circumstances, such as "Herod's jealous general doom" and the lack of room at the inn.

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