What Are Some Poems About Aunts and Nieces?


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Poems containing references to aunts include Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" and Robert William Service's "Aunt Jane." Poems containing references to nieces include Amy Lowell's "Off the Turnpike" and Etheridge Knight's "The Idea of Ancestry."

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Poetrysoup.com compiles classic and contemporary poetry. The website features both lesser-known and renowned poets. In order to look up famous, anthologized poetry, users can search under the subheading "Famous Poems" or "Famous Poets." Then, in order to seek out poems under a certain theme, they enter any keyword in the search bar. Given a keyword such as "aunt" or "niece," the website highlights every poem in the archive that contains a reference to aunts or nieces. Some of these search results - such as Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" - address aunts as a broader theme, while other poems contain only one or two references to aunts or nieces.

A similar website, familyfriendpoems.com, archives poetry submitted by the general public. The website then classifies the poetry according to theme, indicating, for example, that the poem is a "thank you" poem or a mourning poem. Familyfriendpoems.com contains more casual, plainspoken poetry than poetrysoup.com. Notable poems on this site include George Naylor's "My Auntie" and Chris Belden's "Until That Day."

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