What Are Some Poems for an Aunt?

A poem for an aunt can highlight the special relationship, as Tayyeba Mustafa does in "My Aunt." It can tell how she is missed when she's gone, as does Alon Calinao Dy in "My Greatest Aunt." The poem may pay tribute to her eccentricities, as in Matt Mooney's "Agony Aunt."

In "Aunt," Al Young creates a vivid portrait of a strong woman who lives her life on her own terms. This theme appears frequently in poems for aunts, often coupled with the recognition that, by her example, she encouraged a niece or nephew to set the terms of their own life.

With "Aunt Rita," Michael Philips paints a somewhat darker vision of an aunt who cares little for social graces, relishing how her antics draw the attention of her great-nieces and nephews even as she lets the author know she doesn't care for his approval.

Francis Duggan's poem, "Mary My Favorite Aunt In Lisnaboy," recounts a familiar story, the favorite aunt and the fun things they did together when the author was young, her only child having died very young. In later years, Duggan has lost touch, and with the poem is resolving to renew contact with this favorite aunt.