What Are Some Poems About Asking for Forgiveness?


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Some poems about asking for forgiveness are "I'm Sorry for Hurting You" and Sri Chinmoy's poem about forgiveness. Sri Chinmoy poems about forgiveness talk about forgiving himself for previous actions in order to find his true potential. Mother Theresa's poetry echoes Chimney's statement that only forgiveness allows for positive attributes in life such as love.

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"I'm Sorry for Hurting You" focuses on the writer's hurtful behavior towards the other person. The writer apologizes for repeatedly saying cruel things to his partner. The writer says that he knows that the two always reconcile after a fight but that he is still unhappy about the constant fighting in the relationship. The fights are scary, the poem says, and the writer states that he does not like to make his partner cry. Despite the fighting, the writer states that he loves his partner and he promises his continued love for his partner.

Sri Chinmoy's forgiveness poem states that forgiveness is the only path to happiness. Chinmoy implies that this philosophy is not a new revelation. Rather, Chinmoy says that forgiveness as a path to happiness is an "age-old discovery."

Chinmoy says that a person must also learn to forgive himself in order to move forward in life. Personal forgiveness allows a person to move forward towards new dreams and find his authentic self. Mother Theresa echoes Chinmoy's thoughts when she says that learning forgiveness is the only way to find love.

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