What Are Some Poems About Alzheimer"s?


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"A Passing of Memory", "A Prison of the Mind", "A Thief in the Night", "A Light On in the Window" and "Do Not Ask Me to Remember", are some poems about Alzheimer's. They are commonly written by relatives or friends of patients who suffer from the disease.

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All poems speak about how patients suffer from the loss of their memory, and how they struggle to try to live based on what they know they remember. Poets put the words together to express the common behavior patients could manifest, and how they can be best dealt with.

"A Passing of Memory" and "A Thief in the Night" portray how patients with Alzheimer's disease could not recognize even their own immediate family members. They describe how these patients live in the misery of losing their entire memory and yet insist on trying to continue doing the usual routine they do.

"A Prison of the Mind", "A Light On in the Window" and "Do Not Ask Me", speak about the patience required to fully understand what the patient is going through. They also point out how helpless one with the disease can become, such as losing total control of themselves, yet their need for an assurance of care and understanding.

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