What Is the Poem "Let It Go" by T. D. Jakes About?


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The poem "Let It Go" by T. D. Jakes encourages listeners to let go of anything that doesn't belong in their lives. It recommends trusting in God's plan when letting go of these things. Jakes also wrote a book called "Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven" in 2013, which focuses on forgiveness and uses the Lord's Prayer for inspiration.

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Jakes has recited the poem multiple times over the years at his sermons. While there are slight variations in the words of the poem at the recitals, most of it remains unchanged. The poem is also known as "Let Them Walk" or "Let Go."

Jakes begins the poem by telling the listener to let anyone who wants to walk away do so, as no one's destiny is connected to another person. He then instructs the listener to avoid trying to save dead relationships and explains that he himself knows that God is going to provide what he needs in life. The final lines of the poem are all negative possible actions by the listener, such as holding onto the past, being in a bad relationship or judging others, followed by Jakes commanding the listener let it go.

Jakes' book "Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven" is more about forgiveness than it is about leaving the past behind. It instructs the reader on making forgiveness a part of everyday life.

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