What Is a Poem for a Grandmother From a Grandchild?


According to PoetrySoup, a poem by Mike Santiago titled "To Grandmother" is written from the perspective of a grandchild to a grandmother. The poem is short and includes the reasons why the narrator appreciates his grandmother.

Poet Mike Santiago wrote the poem from a neutral perspective so the context applies to either a male or female narrator, according to PoetrySoup. It is written in a rhyme poetry style, with simple words to convey the poem's meaning.

In the poem, Santiago says, "A Grandmother's love is hard to explain. It is made up of joy, sacrifice and pain. A Grandmother's love is patient and forgiving. And each moment with her makes life worth living. A Grandmother's love turns a house into a home. And her beauty shines like a precious stone. A Grandmother's love will always touch your soul. A love so gentle, Gods gift to behold."

"To Grandmother" features an end-rhyme poetry style, giving it a simple flow when a reader recites it out loud, according to Poetry Foundation. Santiago's poem ends each line, or stanza, with a rhyming word. Every other line in the piece rhymes.

According to The Huffington Post, short poems are some of the most popular styles in the past few decades. Many modern poems such as Santiago's "To Grandmother" are less than 100 words long.