What Is the Poem "Air Castles" About?

"Air Castles," written by American poet Patricia Gale, tells of the speaker of the poem's hope of one day finding the love of their life. The narrator daydreams about this future lover while staring into a fire at midnight.

As shown by PoemHunter.com, the speaker of the poem hopes to find true love. As the speaker sits before a fire and stares into it, the breeze stirs the flames, making them dance, and the aroma of burning "apple wood" wafts beneath the speaker's nose. Combined, these elements create a mesmerizing effect on the speaker, who is soon lost in a reverie. As the hours slide by, the speaker builds "castles in the air" about the possibility of meeting their true love. According to the narrator, this lover will be beautiful and have "sapphire" eyes, and as the speaker is floating among the stars and clouds within the daydream, the speaker sighs, releasing these hopes into the night air. The speaker is certain the meeting with this future lover is certain to occur, and when it happens, the two will be a perfect match; so much so that time itself will halt and heaven will "surrender" to the two lovers' needs.