What Is the Plot of the Visual Novel "Air"?


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“Air” is the fictional story of Kunisaki Yukito’s quest across Japan to fulfil his mother’s dying wish. Armed with only a doll given to him by his mother and the admonition to save a “girl in the skies,” Yukito meets three girls in a quiet town. One of the girls, named Misuzu, becomes a significant character in the novel; it is discovered that she is the "girl in the skies."

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The novel begins with the Kunisaki Yukito storyline, then branches into plots for the three girls that Yukito meets in a small town in Japan. Once the plot lines for Misuzu Kamio, Kano Kirishima and Minagi Tohno are completed, the “Summer” chapter is introduced, which details the account of an ancient winged creature being held captive in her castle. The creature is captured after an attempted escape, and a curse of constant reincarnation is placed upon her. In this chapter, it is revealed that Misuzu Kamio is one of these reincarnations. The last chapter of “Air” uses the point of view of a crow found by Misuzu and details Yukito's wish to save Misuzu from the curse that occurs after her 15th birthday. “Air” ends with Misuzu peacefully waiting to die.

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