What Is the Plot of "The Three Faces of Eve"?

"The Three Face of Eve" tells the story of Eve White, who has dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality disorder. Through work with a personality psychiatrist, Eve eventually heals.

Eve White is a demure Georgia housewife who thinks she is losing her mind. She has frequent headaches and blacks out intermittently. She goes to see Dr. Luther for help. During an initial visit, Eve White blacks out, and Eve Black emerges. Eve Black puts on music, dances and smokes a cigarette. She explains herself to Dr. Luther.

Apparently, Eve Black knows about Eve White and everything that Eve Whites does, but Eve White is otherwise oblivious, except for her post-blackout disorientation. Little by little, Eve Black takes over the body she shares with Eve White. Eve White's husband soon tires of Eve Black's shenanigans and leaves her. In a fit of madness, Eve Black attempts to kill Eve White's daughter. Eve Black ends up in a mental institutions as a result.

Eve White begins to receive hypnosis therapy from Dr. Luther, who suspects her multiple personalities first emerged in response to trauma in Eve White's childhood. During therapy, a new personality named Jane emerges. Jane appears to be well adjusted, and over time, Dr. Luther helps her to remember the events of Eve White's and Eve Black's lives. Eve, now healed, continues her life as Jane. She reconnects with Eve White's daughter, and she remarries.