What Is the Plot of "Taken 3"?


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In "Taken 3," Brian Mills, an ex-government operative played by Liam Neeson, is falsely accused of a ruthless murder. Mills evades the police determined to catch him and tracks down the true killer to prove his innocence.

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"Taken 3," a direct sequel to the first two "Taken" films, begins with Brian Mills visiting his daughter, Kim, played by Maggie Grace. He also meets with his ex-wife, Lenore, played by Famke Janssen, and the two discuss her marital problems with her new husband, Stuart, played by Dougray Scott. The next day, Brian returns to Lenore's apartment, only to find her lifeless body lying on the floor. Brian resists the LAPD officers who arrive to arrest him and promptly escapes.

Inspector Frank Dotzler, played by Forest Whitaker, is assigned to track down Brian, but Brian consistently remains one step ahead of Frank, escaping from his agents and tracking down information on the real killer. Brian eventually discovers that Stuart ordered the murder on Lenore as part of a plan to collect a $12 million life insurance policy. After a climactic showdown at an airport, Brian overpowers Stuart, who is then arrested by Frank and his associates. In the final scene, Kim tells her father that she is pregnant and plans to name the baby Lenore if the child is a girl.

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