What Is the Plot Synopsis for "I Can Do Bad All by Myself"?

What Is the Plot Synopsis for "I Can Do Bad All by Myself"?

When April's niece and two nephews move in along with an immigrant stranger named Sandino, April wants nothing to do with them, but she is soon challenged to open her heart and change her ways. April must make a decision between her old life with Randy and a new life full of family, faith and love.

April (Taraji P. Henson) is a selfish, alcoholic singer who works at a nightclub. Across town, Jennifer (Hope Olaidè Wilson), Manny (Kwesi Boakye) and Byron (Freddy Siglar) break into Madea's house. Jennifer explains that they only have one relative left: Aunt April.

The next morning, Madea brings the kids to April’s house, where April reluctantly takes them in. Meanwhile, Pastor Brian (Marvin Winans) sends an immigrant named Sandino (Adam Rodriguez) to live with April, who dislikes Sandino. After a while, he cleans himself up, surprising April with his handsomeness.

Soon afterward, April’s mother dies. Sandino comforts April after her boyfriend, Randy (Brian White), ignores her. Eventually, April and Sandino become closer until Randy threatens to kill Sandino if he continues to spend time with April.

Later on, Randy attempts to rape Jennifer, but Sandino fights him off. Randy claims Jennifer offered sex for money, which April says she believes and tells Randy to take a bath. While he is bathing, April explains that she’s been sexually assaulted and has lost her faith in people as a result. She drops a radio in the bath water, shocking Randy. He jumps out, and Sandino tells him to leave.

Later, a drunk April accuses Sandino of being a child molester. Insulted at the false accusation, Sandino says farewell to the children and leaves. Sandino eventually returns, and April apologizes. They admit their love for each other and share a kiss before eventually getting married.