What Is the Plot of Susan Mallery's "Fool's Gold"?


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Susan Mallery's "Fool's Gold" series is based on the women of the town of Fool's Gold and the lack of men, or more clearly noted, the lack of quality men worthy of a relationship. After a census was conducted, the women of this town were basically labeled lonely and pathetic, a label at which they are willing to defend.

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The "Fool's Gold" series includes 26 books in total. The first title was, "Chasing Perfect," which was released in May 2010. The last four books of the series, all being released between May and October of 2015 include "Hold Me," "Kiss Me," "Thrill Me" and "Marry Me at Christmas."

At the same time that the "Fool's Gold" series is being completed, Mallery already released the first of a new series of books in February 2015. The new series is based on the town of Mischief Bay and the first title of the series is, "The Girls of Mischief Bay."

Mallery was always a lover of romance novels. However, she never believed that she could write one herself. That all changed in college after taking an 8-week course on writing a romance novel. It did not take long for Mallery to make her mark in the industry, selling her first romance novel in August 1990.

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