What Is a Plot Summary of the Movie "The Quiet Man"?

What Is a Plot Summary of the Movie "The Quiet Man"?

In "The Quiet Man," Sean Thornton, an Irish-born American boxer, returns to Ireland to reclaim his family's farm in Innisfree. The story takes place during the 1920s, and John Wayne portrays Sean.

Sean's attempts to reclaim his home and birthright are not without incident. He clashes with an arrogant, aggressive landowner, Squire "Red" Will Danaher. Maureen O'Hara portrays Mary Kate Danaher, the Squire's younger sister, who falls in love with Sean.

Both Sean and the Squire long to purchase "White O'Mornin," a place where Thorntons lived for many generations. A local resident, the Widow Tillane, owns the Thornton farm at the time of Sean's return. When the Widow Tillane learns that the Squire has gossiped about their potential nuptials in the local pub, she sells the Thornton cottage to Sean.

Sean first encounters Mary Kate cleaning the Thornton cottage. When their subsequent courtship and engagement come to light, the Squire refuses to remit Mary Kate's dowry or his blessing, which is necessary to validate her marriage to Sean. Sean and a local Catholic priest trick the Squire into granting his blessing and Mary Kate's dowry, and Sean and Mary Kate marry before the Squire perceives the subterfuge.

Sean and Mary Kate eventually consummate their marriage, and Sean and the Squire make peace after a rousing fistfight.