What is the plot summary of "The Americans" season 3?


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In Season 3 of “The Americans,” Elizabeth and Phillip decide to bring their daughter Paige in on the secrets of their espionage and false identities. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Phillip find it increasingly difficult to cope with moral consequences of their undercover work. Elsewhere, Stan attempts to rescue Nina from prison.

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After much agonizing, Elizabeth and Phillip finally decide to tell their daughter Paige that they are Soviet spies, and per the instructions of their handler, the couple endeavors to recruit Paige into their cell. Paige does not take well to the news that her parents are spies who murder, seduce and blackmail as part of their routine work. The strain is too great on Paige, and she confides the family secret to her pastor, with uncertain results.

Simultaneously, other moral aspects of the couples’ work take its toll upon them. Elizabeth experiences painful emotions over having to sleep with a target and cannot compartmentalize her feelings about it. Phillip agonizes over a “honey pot” assignment that involves seducing Kimmy, a 15-year-old girl. The couple also has to face an emotional toll related to several deaths for which they are responsible, notably Betty’s.

In the Soviet Union, Stan attempts to free his wife Nina from imprisonment in a Gulag. He turns to one of Nina’s lovers for assistance in rescuing his wife. Ultimately, Nina attempts to improve her position with the authorities by probing a fellow inmate for secrets on the KGB's behalf.

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