What Are Some Plot Summaries From "House of Winslow" Book Series by Gilbert Morris?


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The first book in the "House of Winslow" series, titled "The Honorable Impostor," is about how Gilbert Winslow was forced into becoming a minister for the Church of England by his family. After this, he becomes a spy and infiltrates a group of religious separatists. The second book, "The Captive Bride," is about Rachel, the granddaughter of Gilbert, who is captured by the people she is trying to help.

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"The Indentured Heart" is the third book in this series, and it is about Adam Winslow and Molly Burns. Adam rescues Molly from her abusive alcoholic father, and he promises to take her to America. However, Molly must become an indentured servant for seven years in order for Adam to make good on his promise.

The fourth book, "The Gentle Rebel," tells the story of Nathan Winslow, the son of Adam and Molly. At first he doesn't support the revolution against Britain, but he eventually converts to an American patriot. He is in love with a woman named Abigail Howland, and this love creates a conflict in his mission.

"The Saintly Buccaneer" is the fifth book and is about Winslow cousins Nathan and Paul. The two men have different agendas amidst the Revolutionary War, and Paul suffers from a bout of amnesia.

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