What Is the Plot of "The Simpson's Movie"?


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The plot of “The Simpsons Movie” follows Homer Simpson as he tries to save Springfield from destruction. Due to Simpson polluting the water supply, the Environmental Protection Agency covers the town with a giant glass dome. Once residents find out Simpson is to blame, they exile him, and his family abandons him. Simpson must then figure out a way to save the town and redeem himself.

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The film features the entire Simpsons family along with other characters from “The Simpsons” TV series. In an early scene, Grandpa Simpson foresees the town’s destruction during a memorial service. Later, Homer Simpson adopts a pig and stores its feces in a silo, before his wife finds out and orders him to get rid of it safely. As he enters the waste management plant, Simpson is informed a local donut shop is closing and giving away free donuts. He later dumps the silo into a lake to quickly get his free donuts.

After the EPA and Springfield residents find out what happened to the water supply, the Simpsons family flees to Alaska. The family later realizes the EPA plans to destroy Springfield to create a new Grand Canyon. The family decides to go back and save the town, except for Homer who refuses to join them. After finding out the EPA captured his family, he then decides to save his family and Springfield.

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