What Is a Plot in a Short Story?

The plot that is contained within a short story is the reason why the characters in the short story do the things that they do. It is a sequence of casual events that occur that are able to answer the questions about why the characters make the decisions they make and do their physical actions.

Story writing and storytelling revolve around the details of a story. Instead of simply writing the facts of a story, a writer must work to make the events happen in a way that makes sense according to how the characters function. For example, a story that simply says an older person died and his wife died shorty after is not a true story. A story that says an older man died and his wife soon died of grief gives an answer to the reason behind why the wife died. The way that a plot is organized is dependent on the type of short story that is written. Writers can choose to lay out the plot in the beginning of the story, allowing readers to have insight into the characters' lives throughout the story. Mystery writers often choose to leave specific plot details out until the end or the middle of the story to help keep readers guessing and to keep the mystery of the story alive.