What Is the Plot of Shakespeare's Play, "As You Like It"?

"As You Like It" begins in the Forest of Ardenne, just after Sir Rowland de Bois has died, leaving an inheritance to his son, Oliver. Although Rowland has instructed Oliver to take care of his younger son, Orlando, Oliver refuses to provide the proper care and upbringing for his brother.

Meanwhile, a wrestler named Charles challenges Orlando to a fight, and Oliver uses this opportunity to convince Charles to kill his brother in the ring. However, Orlando beats Charles in the match, causing Rosalind, the daughter of a Duke, to fall in love with him. Orlando then discovers Oliver's plot against his life and flees Ardenne. Rosalind also flees Ardenne, disguising herself as a young man named Ganymede as she flees. When the Duke discovers Rosalind has fled, he orders a search party led by Oliver, to find her. Oliver raises an army and decides to kill his brother once and for all.

In the forest, Rosalind and her companion become involved in a complex love triangle, made even more complicated by all the disguises and secrecy of the characters. Eventually, several of the characters, including Rosalind and Orlando, get married, and the leaders of the armies that were searching for Rosalind and Orlando have a change of heart after meeting a holy man in the forest, who tells them to give up their ambitions and lead a moral life. The characters are all happy and the play ends on a celebratory note.