What is the plot for seasons four and five of Downton Abbey?


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Seasons 4 and 5 of "Downton Abbey" take place in 1922 to 1924, following the lives of the people who live in Downton during post-war times and watches various members of the towns folk deal with changes and struggles as they come over the years. Season 4 and 5 both have many of the same characters, but each season introduces new characters and sees some leave as their lives change and unfold.

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Season 4 focuses largely on Lady Mary's mourning for her husband who died 6 months earlier and the suitors who call on her during this time. The changes in music and fashion of the '20s makes a large impact on the small town. The town also advances with the introduction of pigs into the town economy. The town is becoming more modern and looking for new ways to make money with pigs.

Season 5 begins to focus on the prewar effects of the Nazis on their country and town. The local war memorial is predominately featured in the show this season as well. One of the characters who had a secret baby in previous seasons sees a lot of turmoil with the child and faces several tough decisions. Now that Downton has modernized, more comes its way with the addition of a housing development in the area bringing it even more in to the modern day and age.

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