What Is the Plot of "Saw VI"?

What Is the Plot of "Saw VI"?

With Special Agent Strahm dead, Detective Lieutenant Hoffman is the heir apparent to the legacy of Jigsaw. Hoffman, along with a team of agents, intend to find a videotape that proves Strahm's involvement.

Simone and Eddie awaken on opposites sides of a room containing a cage with a scale inside of it. Simone and Eddie learn via video that the person who deposits the most weight in flesh on a tray survives. Eddie inadvertently cops of Simone's arm, and a set of screws on his head harness pierce his skull.

The remainder of the movie follows a similar format, with different characters in dire straights who must make choices between life and death. Hoffman abducts several people, including a man named William that Hoffman traps in an abandoned zoo with a vise around his waist that tightens each time he breathes into an oxygen mask on his head.

William's janitor, Hank, is in an identical trap across from him, except Hank has bombs strapped to his legs. Hank learns from a video that he can remove the bombs by undergoing four tests, but he must do so in an hour to prevent the murder of his family members.

Jill Tuck, Jigsaw's wife, restrains Hoffman and straps a reverse bear trap to his head. Hoffman has 45 seconds to extricate himself. He breaks his hand and jams the trap. Hoffman screams, and the movie ends.