What Is the Plot of "Of Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford?

William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation" is a work of non-fiction that details the arrival of the pilgrims in North America in 1620, and the struggles the Puritans faced while settling the area. The book is a detailed historical account that begins with the pilgrims' flight from England and Holland to avoid religious persecution, and shows the hardships they faced once they reached the New World.

"Of Plymouth Plantation" begins with the hardships that the Pilgrims faced before their journey, and recounts the impressions of the Puritans as they traveled with sailors heading to North America for personal gain. After completing their journey and landing far from their intended destination, many of these pilgrims remained aboard the Mayflower or searched for land they could settle, facing a harsh winter that claimed the lives of almost half of the passengers.

Bradford's account also chronicles the early years of what would eventually become the Massachusetts Bay colony, including the settlers' interactions with the Native American tribes in the area and the events leading up to the Pequot War. Bradford also describes the colony's efforts to establish an economy and deal with moral and spiritual issues related to isolation and living within the Puritan religion.