What Is the Plot of "From Paris With Love?"


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"From Paris with Love" follows James Reese, a U.S. ambassador aide and low level CIA operative, who lives in Paris with his French girlfriend. Due to an agent shortage, the CIA partners him with a secret agent named Charlie Wax. The two investigate a drug ring and a terrorist plot.

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Reese's first assignment as Wax's partner is getting him out of airport detention, where French Customs officials detain him for several cans of energy drink that he wants to take into the country. Reese gets Wax out with the cans, which Wax then reveals contain parts for his handgun.

The partners first investigate a cocaine ring. Wax claims that the niece of the U.S. Secretary of Defense died from the ring's cocaine. During the investigation, Reese becomes frustrated with Wax's unorthodox methods. Eventually, Wax reveals that they're actually investigating a Pakistani terrorist cell that uses drug dealing to launder money.

Reese finds out that the cell's target is a summit meeting. Wax then determines that Reese's girlfriend, now his fiancee, is a sleeper agent. The two prevent the attack at the summit when Wax destroys the terrorist's vehicle with a rocket launcher and Reese kills his fiancee. The movie ends with Wax offering Reese a partnership and the two playing a game of chess.

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