What Is the Plot of the Original "Flat Stanley" Book?


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In the original "Flat Stalney" book, after Stanley Lambchop is flattened by a bulletin board in his sleep, he has many adventures. His exploits involve being flown as a kite, catching art thieves and being mailed in an envelope to his friends.

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Stanley Lambchop and his brother Arthur receive a large bulletin board from their father, but that night, as Stanley lies in bed, the bulletin board falls on him and flattens him to 1/2 inch thick. Instead of feeling bad about it, Stanley makes the best of it, allowing his brother to fly him like a kite, visiting his friends by mailing himself to them, and even helping catch some art thieves by posing as a painting. Eventually, Stanley gets sick of being flat, and Arthur restores him to normal with a bike pump.

Written by Jeff Brown and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer, "Flat Stanley" was published in 1964 and was followed by five more books, each with a story of its own. Since Jeff Brown's death, many other books have been written about Stanley and his many adventures. In 1995, the Flat Stanley Project was enacted, a pen pal project that connects classrooms throughout the country by allowing children to send out "Flat" adventurers. Kids then talk about, track and write about their flat character's journey and adventures.

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