What Was the Plot of the Original Die Hard Movie?


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The plot of "Die Hard" follows John McClane, a New York City cop played by Bruce Willis, traveling to Los Angeles to win back his estranged wife. However, when terrorists seize his wife's office building, McClane is the only person who can rescue her.

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After John McClane's flight arrives in Los Angeles, he takes a limousine to Nakatomi Plaza to visit his wife, Holly, played by Bonnie Bedelia. Things get out of control when German terrorists seize the building, Nakatomi Tower. Their lead, Hans Gruber, played by Alan Rickman, rounds up all of the Nakatomi corporation's employees, but fails to capture McClane. Gruber intends to steal a massive supply of money from the Nakatomi corporation's vaults.

Over the course of the movie, McClane cleverly and covertly eliminates the terrorists incrementally. He soon finds a walkie- talkie, which he uses to communicate with a police officer, played by Reginald Veljohnson. Eventually, Gruber discovers that Holly is McClane's wife and kidnaps her to lure McClane out of hiding. The film ends with a tense stand-off between McClane and Gruber, with the latter nearly killing Holly, only for McClane to save her at the last minute. The film ends with McClane and Holly riding off in the limousine, with their marriage on the road to recovery.

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