What Is the Plot for the New Star Wars Movie?

What Is the Plot for the New Star Wars Movie?

A central aspect of the plot for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a quest to locate Luke Skywalker. The action takes place 30 years after the events of "Return of the Jedi."

Although there is no definitive plot summary available as of September, 2015, tentative details are available at CinemaBlend.com and BadassDigest.com. CinemaBlend.com attributes the leaked plot information to J.J. Abrams, who wrote the script with Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter of "The Empire Strikes Back."

Apparently, a severed hand holding a lightsaber lands on a distant planet, and two locals accidentally discover it. The two locals, whose names are not disclosed yet, identify the signature lightsaber as that of a Jedi. They embark on a journey to reunite the lightsaber with its owner. Along the way, they encounter Hans Solo and Chewbacca, with Harrison Ford reprising the role of the signature mercenary.

Hans Solo and Chewbacca, or Chewie, recognize the lightsaber as the property of Luke Skywalker, estranged for some three decades. Hans Solo and Chewie join the two locals on an off-world quest to reunite with Luke Skywalker and return to Luke his lightsaber.

J.J. Abrams released additional bits of information regarding certain key plot elements, some of which echo and expand upon elements in previous "Star Wars" franchise movies. There is a weapon similar to the Death Star, only the new weapon is powerful enough to destroy an entire solar system.