What Is the Plot of the Movie "Meet the Spartans?"


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The “Meet the Spartans” plot revolves around a group of Spartans battling an army of invading Persians. The battle begins when King Leonidas receives a message from King Xerxes, who demands Sparta’s submission. Leonidas becomes angry and gathers 13 men to join his army on his mission to battle the Persians. The movie is a parody that features a variety of celebrity look-alikes, but mainly focuses on the film “300.”

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The film begins with a Spartan elder finding an abandoned baby Leonidas. The Spartans accept the baby as one of their own, and he begins his training to later become king. Once he receives the message from King Xerxes, Leonidas and his army set out to find Xerxes. During the mission, the Spartans battle several villains in comedic ways, facing characters including Rocky Balboa and Ghost Rider.

The directors of the movie are Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who directed other parody films including “Scary Movie” and “Date Movie.” Released in 2008, the film opened as number one at the box office in the United States. Even with the film’s success, the movie received overwhelmingly negative reviews from several critics. Most of the criticism consisted of the film not having many jokes and having too many pop culture references instead.

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