What Is the Plot of the Movie "What Dreams May Come"?


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The plot of "What Dreams May Come" follows Chris Nielsen, played by Robin Williams, searching for his wife in the afterlife. On his search, Nielsen also encounters his children, who died years earlier in a car accident.

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"What Dreams May Come" begins with Chris Nielsen and his wife, Annie, played by Annabella Sciorra, attempting to cope with the deaths of their children, Josh and Jessica, after a car accident. A few years later, Chris is killed in another car accident after attempting to save someone else. Chris arrives in heaven, where is greeted by his old friend Albert Lewis, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. As Chris adjusts to life in heaven, he discovers that Annie has committed suicide, which automatically sends her to hell.

Chris becomes determined to rescue Annie, even though Albert tells him it's not possible. Chris remains determined, so he and Albert enlist the help of The Tracker, played by Max von Sydow, to guide them to hell. The group travels down to hell, where Chris risks everything to rescue Annie. Though Annie does not recognize Chris, he manages to make her remember him through the power of true love. Chris and Annie escape from hell, and reunite with their children in heaven.

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