What is the plot of the movie "300"?


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The plot of "300" follows the growing conflict between Spartans and Persians, which eventually escalates into a full war. Battle scenes are a major aspect of the film, as well as the personal lives of the Spartans fighting for glory.

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The hero of "300" is King Leonidas of Sparta, played by Gerard Butler. The film begins with Persian messengers arriving at Leonidas' throne, demanding payment and an acknowledgment of subjugation to King Xerxes. Enraged, Leonidas kicks the messengers down a well to their deaths and declares war on the Persians. Leonidas consults the Oracles of Sparta for advice, but he leaves angrily after being told that the Spartans should not go to war against the Persians.

Soon after, the Spartans engage in a massive battle with the Persian army. Despite having only 300 men, the Spartans manage to slaughter countless Persians due to their resourcefulness and superior fighting skills. Back in Sparta, Queen Gorgo, played by Lena Headey, tries to send aid and supplies to the Spartan Army, but Theron, a corrupt politician played by Dominic West, rebukes her. The Spartans eventually succumb to the Persians but not before wounding King Xerxes on the battlefield, proving his mortality and stunning the Persian Army.

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