What Is the Plot of the "Matchmaker Santa" Movie?

What Is the Plot of the "Matchmaker Santa" Movie?

In "Matchmaker Santa," Melanie Hogan takes a trip over the Christmas holiday with her boyfriend, Justin. On her flight there, Melanie meets Chris, a man who resembles Santa Claus. He attempts to bring Melanie together with Justin's best friend, Dean Ford.

The movie begins with Melanie as a child. She sees how much her parents love each other and writes a letter to Santa Claus, asking him to give her a man to love.

The setting shifts to Melanie's life as an adult. She owns a bakery and has a handsome boyfriend, Justin, who is a CEO. However, he's busy with his work and doesn't spend much time with her. He asks her to come to his lake house over the holidays to meet his mother.

When she meets Chris, he tells her that he's playing Santa in a nearby town. His magic causes Melanie and Dean to end up stuck together in the same town. Dean has been Justin's assistant for a long time, but he has a crush on Melanie. When Justin is busy, he even has Dean take Melanie on dates. Together, Santa and the townspeople try to make Melanie and Dean a couple.

The movie stars Lacey Chabert as Melanie and Adam Mayfield as Dean. It premiered on the Hallmark Channel on Nov. 17, 2012.