What is the plot of "For The Love of Mrs. Brown"?


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The plot of "For the Love of Mrs. Brown" involves Agnes Brown trying to find a date for Valentine's Day. At the same time, she has to cope with her Grandad's Viagra addiction, her gaudy hairdresser son and his partner's bickering, and her daughter who is willing to have surgery to gain a man's attention.

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Agnes is feeling dejected a few days before Valentine's Day because she does not have a date, while even her Grandad has one. Her daughter Cathy advises her to find a date on the Internet. Meanwhile, her son Rory has found a small capsule of LSD tablets at his salon. He then tries to find the owner so that he can fire the person. However, Rory is forced to tell Mrs. Brown that the tablets are for indigestion as she walks in on him when he was talking to his brother Dermot about it. Mrs. Brown then takes the tablets from Rory and places them on the windowsill. They are forgotten until the next act.

In the next act, Agnes gets a stomach pain while talking to Betty Brown, her daughter-in-law. She then remembers that she took the tablets. Agnes was not aware that they were actually LSD tablets. As the effects of the drug kick in, she jumps out the back door dressed as a superhero. After she calms down, she decides to try out Internet dating.

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