What Was the Plot Line of the TV Series "Higher Ground"?


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The plot line of the television series “Higher Ground” is that Peter Scarbrow, a former Wall Street mogul, becomes the headmaster of Mount Horizon, a progressive and therapeutic boarding school for at-risk teens in the mountains of the Northwestern United States. The students at Mount Horizon brave failures, triumphs and difficulties as they struggle with abuse, disorders and addiction.

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In the show “Higher Ground,” the Mount Horizon school is 25 miles away from the nearest town. The series focuses on the “Cliffhangers,” a group of teens working to overcome their fears and face life’s trials and tribulations. The students receive a high school education in addition to engaging in outdoor activities. The show incorporates action sequences, romances and friendships. The students and teachers find the world of Mount Horizon to be a safe haven from their turbulent home lives.

The show “Higher Ground” addresses issues such as sexual, verbal and physical abuse, drug use, depression, self-mutilation and gang violence. Its characters also address child neglect and attempted suicide. Some of the show’s main characters are the 16-year-old football star Scott Barringer, who was abused by his stepmother, the daughter of abusive parents Shelby Merrick, an African-American girl adopted by white parents named Katherine Ann Cabot, reputed tagger Augusto “Auggie” Ciceros and drug user Ezra Friedkin.

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