What Is the Plot of the Kingkiller Chronicles Book 3?

The third book of the "Kingkiller Chronicles" series, titled "Doors of Stone," chronicles the life of Kvothe after the second book, and ends his story. As of October 2014, the release date for the third book in the "Kingkiller Chronicle" series has not been announced. According to iDigitalTimes, author Patrick Rothfuss revealed that the book is complete, and he is in the process of editing the draft in 2014.

The first two books of the series, "The Name of the Wind" and "The Wise Man's Fear," introduces readers to a mysterious figure named Kvothe. Each book takes place over the span of a day as he relates his life story to a chronicler. "Doors of Stone" is set on the third and final day.

The "Doors of Stone" has been referenced multiple times in the first two books, appearing early on in "The Name of the Wind" at the Blac of Drossen Tor. The image of stone doors appears throughout and holds significance for some characters, who choose to swear on it as a sign of their devotion. They are also thought to be related to the Waystones.

Cognizant of the wait time, Rothfuss has also been steadily releasing short stories and novellas set in the universe of the "Kingkiller Chronicle" from the perspective of minor characters.