What Is the Plot of the "Jurassic Park" Movie?


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Jurassic Park is the classic 1993 movie about the dangers of interfering with nature. The plot follows a group of visitors to a theme park full of genetically-engineered dinosaurs. Inevitably, the park's security fails, dinosaurs are set loose, and only a few people are able to make it out alive.

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What Is the Plot of the "Jurassic Park" Movie?
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The movie is set in the eponymous Jurassic Park, an enormous theme park built on Isla Nublar, a picturesque and remote island near Costa Rica. Using samples of blood taken from prehistoric mosquitoes who were frozen in amber, the eccentric billionaire John Hammond and his team of scientists have reconstructed the DNA of many extinct dinosaurs. The movie follows a group of visitors - Dr. Grant and his assistant, Ellie Sattler, the chaos theorist Dr. Malcom, the lawyer Gennaro and Hammond's two grandkids - as they tour the island. The tour is cut short by an approaching storm, and as the visitors head to safety, the park's security is shut down when the traitorous Nedry attempts to steal dinosaur embryos to sell to the park's competitors.

Without the electric fences holding it back, the T-Rex escapes and eats Gennaro. Nedry, who has become lost in the dark, is killed by the venomous Dilophosaurus. The remaining human visitors flee the T-Rex and head to the park's security center, where they attempt to reset the park's defenses. This has the unintended consequence of freeing the predatory velociraptors, who pursue the protagonists. In the end, the few remaining humans barely escape after the T-Rex returns and kills the velociraptors. The heroes ultimately escape via helicopter, leaving Jurassic Park behind as the domain of the T-Rex.

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